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Kuding Tea

One leaf tea - or by its Chinese name “Ku Ding” (Kuding) or Bitter tea - This name does not reflect this tea’s essence and properties. Yes, the taste is bitter, but it only adds piquancy. 

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The first mention of this variety of tea appeared almost 2,000 years ago in southern China, and then it was called - Gaol (broad-leaved tea) and it was only used for medicinal purposes. Only wealthy Chinese could afford to drink this drink because it was considered to be expensive and rare.

Despite the fact that today it is called Kuding tea, in fact, it is not tea, because it does not come out of the tea bush, but from the leaves of one of the species of broadleaf holly. Kuding is collected mainly in the southern regions of China: on the slopes, in canyons and belts.

The appearance of the dry tea is not too attractive: dark leaves, twisted into a tube and a bit shriveled. But do not let that bother you! This fact indicates that the leaves were collected on time, dried and stored in compliance with all technologies. But its stunning specific flavor can be felt through the closed package.

Health benefits of Kuding tea

Scientists around the world have carefully studied the properties of One leaf tea and have come to the following conclusions:

  • The beverage may be used as a prophylactic agent for hypertension starting;
  • If the person suffers intestinal colic, the regular use of this tea gets rid of it;
  • It is a powerful tool against cough, and it gets rid of fever and relieves chills;
  • Acts as a tonic and invigorating agent;
  • Removes cholesterol from the blood;
  • Cleanses the liver, removes toxins and wastes.


Besides, Kuding thins the blood, which helps to prevent blood clots. If you drink a cup of this drink every morning, then it will strengthen the cardiovascular system and get rid of headaches and chronic fatigue.

It was studied and it has the chemical composition of a tea beverage - such a rich amount of mineral elements and vitamins has not been found in any other plant. Judge: sodium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamins A, C, D, E, and a whole line of vitamins ฺB... No wonder Kuding is a recommended drink for people with obesity, high blood pressure, lowered immunity, and chronic inflammatory diseases. There is also a contraindication - this tea should not be drunk by people diagnosed with chronic gastroenteritis.

How to prepare Kuding tea

Chinese tradition of tea brewing technology implyies compliance with this drink:

  1. Use clean, filtered water;
  2. To make this tea you will need 1 leaf and a glass kettle of 150 - 250 ml;
  3. Use water heated to 80 - 85 ° C;
  4. Rinse the tea leaves - fill kettle with hot water and pour it immediately;
  5. Brew tea quickly - 10 - 20 seconds is enough time to prepare a tasty and healthy beverage;
  6. This tea can be brewed to 10 times, depending on taste preferences.


China makes tea by pouring tea into small bowls and drinking in small sips. Kuding tea has a tart flavor and a spicy-bitter taste. And only a few minutes after the first sip reveals the true sweet flavor, leaving a reminder of its saturated finish. Do not add sugar, cream or lemon and ginger to drink - it distorts the experience. Sometimes you can mix it with Stevia or Osmanthus flower.

Enjoy your tea! Tea Village Team.

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2014-01-21 Manager L.
1) Take 1 tea leaf for 150-250 ml.
2) Pour hot water 80 - 85 C for a few seconds, then drain the water.
3) Pour water again and hold for 15-20 seconds, the resulting infusion pour in other a cup or a mug/
4) 3 action can be repeated up to 10 times.
1) Возьмите 1 чайный лист на 150-250 мл.
2) залить горячей водой 80 - 85 C в течение нескольких секунд, а затем слить воду.
3) Налейте воду снова и удерживайте в течение 15-20 секунд, в результате вливания влить другой чашку или кружку /
4) 3 действие можно повторить до 10 раз.
2014-01-10 Владимир Б. Вопрос Как его заваривать?

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