Other Products 

If you drink coffee or tea, we highly recommend that you review the list of our products, which will provide a new experience in the preparation of your favorite beverage. We tried to choose the most necessary and practical items that can simplify the process of preparation of a beverage. In the catalog is a large selection of products from cast iron, clay, glass, wood, ceramics, porcelain, etc.


  • Dried Fruits

    For many, dried fruits are associated with marmalade candied fruit, which can be found in almost any supermarket. But this does not apply to those that are produced in Thailand. In our assortment you’ll find natural exotic fruits with minimum sugar content.

  • Tea Accessories

    The tools that you use for preparing tea are one of the most important keys to making the perfect cup. Having proper tools is equally important as having good tea. Then the good taste and wonderful scent will follow the final steps involved in your drinking process. Using our tools will help make your tea brewing much more enjoyable.

  • Glass Teapots

    Discover our spectacular collection of genuine glass teapots designed especially to help you brew the perfect cup of tea. The most wonderful feature of our designs is the ability to watch the magical process of tea brewing before your very eyes. You can browse through our remarkable collection below and buy your glass teapot online. Glass teapots are popular because you can easily see how much tea you have left to enjoy when serving beverages to your friends and family.

  • Tea Strainers

    Good-looking tea strainers are perfect to make a cup of delicious and refreshing tea. With the use of these products, you can have the best tea that will surely suit your taste without those classic tea bags. With these beautiful strainers, it is hoped that you will have a very beautiful and amazing teatime that you have always been dreaming of.

  • Tea Storage

    Perfect tea storage is an important part of the tea brewing process to ensure the freshest cup of tea. To complement our remarkable collection of tea sets, we are proud to introduce our delightful assortment of tea storage pots. Our tea containers come in a range of beautiful shapes, and we use the finest material available to look after your precious tea.

  • Clay Teapots

    Most often, clay teapot is used for preparing a light and dark Oolong tea, as well as red teas. To make an ideal cup of tea, you do not necessarily need to have many years of experience in tea art. It is enough to have a good tea and a clay teapot. The thing is that clay has a porous structure, and therefore, day after day, the kettle will absorb the aroma of tea, which it brews. If you wish to buy it, then discover our magnificent collection.

  • Cast Iron Teapots

    We feature a large selection of beautifully designed Japanese style of cast iron teapots and tea sets to choose from. This style of teapots and tea sets is traditional in nature, as well as intricately styled and made to produce the best-tasting tea. Cast iron is known to be superior in its ability to conduct heat; therefore, the water boils more evenly and produces a hotter and better medium in which to make your favorite flavor of strong, rich teas.