About us

Tea Village is a tea company that was founded in 2011, and during that short period - it has successfully established itself as a strong force on the tea market in Thailand. Both locals and tourists visit Tea Village to relax and enjoy different blends of unique and natural tea.

The company's main goal is to provide high-quality tea for a reasonable price, and make it affordable to everyone.  

Tea plantations in ThailandTea plantations in Thailand

Thanks to the goal, the company accomplished gaining trust and popularity in no time. Many people have tried products from Tea Village and there has been great customer feedback. Most of the tea sold in Tea Village are grown and produced in the northern mountains of Thailand. In addition to the Thai tea, the company also offers Indian, Chinese and South African tea. The wide range of products offered is intriguing - even to the most discerning tea specialists.

In the production and selection of tea; the company pays an exceptionally close attention to the producers and plantations to ensure perfection. Tea Village only accepts the finest ingredients, seek the best quality, the freshness of tea leaves, proper handling, and storage.

Tea plantations in ThailandTea plantations in Thailand

Due to the fact that the company has a number of agreements with manufacturers, its price is much lower and the quality is much higher than competitors.

To see for yourself, simply come to Tea Village store and try one of our delicious teas, absolutely free!