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Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea

Jasmine Dragon Pearls (Zhu Hua Lun) was first created over 500 years ago, in the mountains which stretch along the coast of the East China Sea. It is a tea with the taste and smell of jasmine flowers.

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Note that they have none of the color themselves, but only have their fragrance and flavor. This is achieved by the method of the preparation of the tea leaves: they are twisted and shaped into the form of small pearls and are placed into containers mixed with jasmine flowers, which provide their essential oils for the tea. It turns out that the aroma is stored inside the "pearl" until such time as it will be brewed. It is noteworthy that jasmine gardens that grow near the tea plantations bloom in the spring, and this time of year is considered the best for collecting tea leaves.

Health Benefits of Jasmine Pearls Tea

Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea carries not only a gastronomic pleasure but also contain real healthy benefits:

  • Works as a great anti-depressant - improves mood, relieves headaches, normalizes the nervous system;
  • Serves as an aphrodisiac - the scent of jasmine increases sensuality and increases libido;
  • Helps to overcome the hangover;
  • Has a positive effect on the endocrine system;
  • Has a beneficial effect on vision - strengthens and preserves it.


How to Prepare Jasmine Pearl Tea

Naturally, in order to benefit from Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea, it must be able to be brewed. And then, there are these secrets:

  1. Use ceramic or glass teapot;
  2. Use about 2-4 grams (1-1 1/2 teaspoon) of tea for teapot about 250-300 ml;
  3. Do not use boiling hot water - water should be heated only to 80-90% degrees;
  4. The first filling lasts a few seconds and the water must be drained, thus, this washes the tea leaves;
  5. The following melding lasts no more than 1 minute – it opens up the scent of jasmine, and the drink becomes an amber hue.


You should know that this kind of Chinese tea is brewed five or six times. If you want a richer drink, brewing time should be increased to 2-3 minutes. But even in this case, the fragrance of jasmine flowers will not interrupt the taste of tea, but will simply complement its tonic, and spicy notes.

A Tea Party should be enjoyable, and is evaluated not only by the taste of the drink but also its aesthetic beauty. The scent of tea has the ability to pacify and to induce rest and a long conversation.

Enjoy your drink! Tea Village Team.

  • Year: Spring 2016.
  • Type: Green.
  • Country: China.
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2012-10-03 Catharina T. Delicious this tea is marvellous, the taste is soft and delicate and you really smeel and taste the jasmine. no bitterness. it also looks great

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