Hojicha Tea Powder

Hojicha or Houjicha is a roasted Japanese green tea from Shizuoka, northwest of the country. 

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Place of OriginShizuoka
ClassificationGreen Tea
IngredientsTea 100% free of artificial additives

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For many of us, green tea is associated with green leaves and a yellowish-green infusion. But the Japanese broke this stereotype when they first produced Hojicha.

Houjicha leaves have a reddish-brown color and an infusion caramel color. This is quite an unusual specification for green tea.

About Hojicha

The production process is not easy and, requires skill and experience. Our Japanese partners have 40 years of experience in the tea business, and this results in excellent tea. :)

The production has the following stages:

  1. Harvesting.
  2. Steaming tea leaves.
  3. Twisting and drying.
  4. Sorting and roasting.
  5. Grinding.


We would like to highlight the main features in the production of our tea, which distinguish it from others.

  • It all starts with the harvesting. As you know, during the ripening of tea leaves, the tea bushes above build shady canopies, so the leaves produce more Theanine and the taste becomes softer. For the production of Hojicha bushes are not closed, so its taste sharper.
  • Our tea grows in one of the most revered tea regions of Japan - Shizuoka.
  • Tea is roasted on old technology in a porcelain pot over charcoal. Apparently, the taste is reminiscent of a dark Chinese Oolong.


This tea has a peanut and caramel flavor, there is also a bit of astringency in green tea. As we thought, this is a very interesting option, and it deserves a place in our online store. Though it is green tea, we are confident that some who likes dark Oolong will appreciate its taste.

Health Benefits of Hojicha

The Japanese believe that this tea helps to normalize blood cholesterol and sugar levels and helps to relax. It is noteworthy that there is almost no caffeine, and therefore it can be used after a meal and at bedtime.

Additional information can be found on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hojicha

How to Prepare Hojicha Latte

We'll share our recommendations.

  • Take 1 teaspoon of tea.
  • Put it into a cup and pour in 60 ml / 2.6 oz of hot water 90 °C / 194 °F.
  • Beat the mixture with a bamboo whisk until smooth.
  • Steam 180 ml of your preferred type of milk and pour over to hojicha infusion.
  • Enjoy your drink.


We hope you’ll enjoy it. Tea Village Team!


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Hojicha Tea Powder

Hojicha Tea Powder

Hojicha or Houjicha is a roasted Japanese green tea from Shizuoka, northwest of the country.