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Taiping Houkui Tea

Tai Ping Hou Kui - is one of the 10 kinds of famous Chinese teas. It grows and it is made in the district of Tai Ping, Anhui Province. In many sources the name of this tea is translated as "Monkey King." Hieroglyphics in Hou Kui are really in tune with those who represent the concept of "Monkey King," but in this case they have a fundamentally different value.

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The first one comes from Hou Keng, the name of the village, where they traditionally grow this kind of tea, and the second part of the name Wong Kui-Cheng, belongs to the master, who did Tai Ping Hou Kui a good deed, as he came to us, thus greatly improving the technology of its local production. If you look closely at the tea leaves of this tea, you can see the characteristic thin mesh that appears on one of the process steps, when the tea leaves are wrapped in cloth and flattened.

Now this tea is grown in the mountains called Huangshan, and it rightly takes its place in the top ten of Chinese teas for its unsurpassed flavor of orchids and its oily, thick brew, as it has floral and nutty tones. Even among the most famous elite varieties, it can be immediately recognized by its appearance and unique taste.

In 1915, in San Francisco, this tea won a gold medal, and later in 1955 it was included in the list of elite Chinese teas. In the XXI century, this tea has won another honored prize at the International Exhibition in China and received the title of "The King of Tea."

Legend of tea Tai Ping Hou Kui

In the district of Tai Ping, especially in the villages of Yan-jia, Hou-cun, and Hou Keng, there are love legends about the comic character of the satirical works of the writer Chen Shi-zheng "Journey to the West." The character’s name - Sun Wu Kong, in the product, is shown as the rapid and agile leader of a tribe of monkeys. According to one legend he was zipping over Cocks, Monkeys and Dragons peaks of the Huangshan, then he accidentally saw a grove of tea trees, and without stopping, he plucked two leaves, hugging one kidney. In China, it is assumed that this is why the leaves of Tai Ping Hou Kui became so long. In his monastery Sun Wu Kong carefully crafted the leaves and brew tea, marveling at its unprecedented orchid aroma. When he returned to the place where the leaves were plucked, he saw that the flavor of the tea was like a variety of orchids that grew nearby.

Harvest Time and The Manufacturing Process

Tai Ping Hou Kui leaves for our tea are harvested once a year, by hand. Do this immediately after the season “Qingjing Jing" (it has to end on April 19), that is, until the last "Gu yu" (April 20 - May 5). It is interesting that direct production of this kind of tea is needed for only one day. Early in the morning, the workers collect the tea leaves, and by noon, they are carefully sorted and then dried. The drying process consists of four phases: the first drying (in China it is called "Kill-green"), rough drying, drying and complete additional drying. As we have said, in one of the stages the tea is wrapped in cloth and carefully pressed.

Health Benefits of Tai Ping Hou Kui

Doctors say that the leaves of Tai Ping Hou Kui contain caffeine, protein, fat, potassium, magnesium, polyphenols, amino acids, organic acids and organic compounds, sodium, copper and other mineral compounds. Total they comprise 28 such compounds, and their composition is surprisingly balanced. This tea has all the possible medicinal properties: it quenches thirst, invigorates, protects against tooth decay, helps digestion, relieves fatigue, lowers blood pressure and has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties and even significantly slows the aging process.

How to Prepare Taiping Houkui

To prepare Taiping Houkui, we recommend that you follow these rules.

  1. Water temperature: 75-85 degrees.
  2. Dishes: clear glass cup or high tea.
  3. A number of brewing 5-7 times.
  4. The amount of tea and volume: 3-5 grams per 150 - 250 ml.


How to brew:

  1. Scald transparent teapot / cup.
  2. Pour the tea.
  3. To fill in for 5-10 seconds, drain the water.
  4. Pour 10 - 20 * seconds.
  5. The resulting infusion is poured into another bowl.


* with each subsequent brewing time can be increased by 5-10 seconds.


We highly recommend that you refer to this tea with care and love, trying to keep the integrity of the tea leaf. Tai Ping Hou store Kui keeps better in the refrigerator, away from foreign odors, but do not give it to people stale as it is more delicious to drink it fresh.

Enjoy your tea! Tea Village Team.

  • Year: 2016 (Spring)
  • Place of Origin: Anhui province, Tai Ping district.
  • Ingredients: 100% Tea
  • Country: China.
  • Chinese Classification: Green tea.

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